The Being Australian Social Inclusion Symposium 2017 is a half day series of expert speakers and lunchtime panel discussion, which will explore the need for better understanding, education, awareness, and acceptance of our values as a community, a state, and a nation, through the lenses of reconciliation, immigration, an aging population, and the rise of technology and digital interfacing.

What it means to be Australian, how we engage and celebrate being Australian today is an important part of our national identity. The Being Australian Social Inclusion Symposium 2017 is going to be an opportunity to explore the issues and challenges within our society that impact the success of socially inclusive communities.

Today, according to census data, one in three West Australians are born overseas and Western Australia is home to people from more than 190 countries around the globe.

As well as Australian, we speak approximately 270 languages and dialects, including around 50 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people represent 3.1 percent of our population of 2.7 Million. 

Based on all this, WA is one of the country’s most multicultural societies in Australia.

This richness of multiculturalism, is only enhanced further by the other diversity within our communities. Over 55’s represent about 20 percent of the population and people between 12-25 years of age represent about 18 percent overall. 

Add to these diversity dimensions, the current state of the economy, the cost of living and rise of digital technologies, which have increasingly transformed the way we connect, communicate and work.

The Being Australian Social Inclusion Symposium will open a dialogue with members of the community to:

  • Discuss established Australian Values and determine their relevance for today and the future.

  • Provide the community with the information, tools and ideas that will encourage and celebrate diversity and social inclusion.

  • To help facilitate a harmonious, socially cohesive society.

  • Help build skills and gain practical knowledge to advocate for inclusive policy within your community or worplace.

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